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Vibrant HCMC - Tours - Bird Isle (Cồn Chim)

Bird Isle (Cồn Chim)

Located about 140 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City and over 10 kilometers from the heart of Tra Vinh Town, Tra Vinh Province to the Northeast, Bird Isle has recently been a highlight for the tourism community.

Green traveling

Bird Isle is situated in the midst of Co Chien River (Tien River), so in order to enjoy the fresh air here, you have to head to the Ngoi Loi – Con Nan terminal to reach Bird Isle. It takes approximately 15 minutes by ferry-boat, and you are able to watch the peaceful Mekong River carrying fine silt along with the successions of nipa trees, the green forests leaning themselves under the sunlight. Far away across the river, many dunes are also gradually forming themselves. Fresh and green open space will take you to the journey of exciting experiences.

Bird Isle doesn’t possess the abundance of orchards and flowers, but for many years, people in Bird Isle have learned the tourism model combined with natural-based agriculture. “Natural-based” means the detailed principles of environmental protection with people’s high awareness such as saying no to plastic waste; no use of electric impulses, toxic chemicals or explosives to exploit natural fisheries; no fishing meshes smaller than 1.8 centimeters and absolutely no exploitation of wild fish during the breeding season…

An amazing fact in Bird Isle

As soon as the ferry-boat arrives, you will feel the warmth, sincerity in the way local people welcome visitors to Bird Isle. In Ba Ba costume, bandanna with a hand-held Vietnamese conical hat, Bird Isle’s people as tour guides will take you to experience activities on the isle. You will enjoy the umbrella made from nipa leaves – one of the local specialties.

When visiting Bird Isle, you will get to know about the “rice-shrimp” model. As enthusiastically told by the local people, both rice and shrimp are from organic farming without the overuse of fertilizer. The model of “clean” farming and husbandry is a prominent trend combining agricultural production and green tourism, natural-based lifestyle, environment protection and ways of adapting to climate change…, which together creates a peaceful Bird Isle, where things are able to grow and develop.

The orchard’s cuisine

Heading along the peaceful village path with immense field space, you can experience walking over a monkey bridge, canoeing, watching crab and shrimp farming ponds… After the journey to explore Bird Isle with many outdoor activities, do not forget to stop by the leaf house named “Ms. Van’s Southern Kitchen”. Here, you will enjoy a variety of clean products served by the hostess such as five-bean tea, folk dried-fruit candies and drinking jelly vines in a true Southern space with cups, bowls and plates of crockery, firewood kitchen. Especially, Ms. Van – the lady of the house – also introduces the history and people of Bird Isle so that you can understand and love the island.

In addition, you can visit Ms. Ba Sua’s family to experience grinding rice flour with a mortar, hand-squeezing coconut milk to make coconut and apricot cake and enjoy the refreshing sugar-candy pineapple juice at the Western house with its unusual dragon scale tile; or come over Uncle Tu Pha’s home to  experience fishing and crab fishing; visit Be Thao’s coconut garden to enjoy fresh coconut with environment-friendly grass straws, daydream in a hammock and fall asleep unknowingly. Every house in Bird Isle will give you its unique experiences in this “oasis”.

Do not miss the delicacies such as Thuy Lieu salad, alive shrimp and crab steamed with coconut milk, Banh xeo, rice and mangrove hot sour soup… A simple tray full of fresh and clean food by the native farmers (self-grown rice, vegetables picked from gardens, shrimp, crab, fish caught from ponds, fresh-cut coconut…) will leave visitors with an unforgettable aftertaste.

Bird Isle is so full of life, just like a green sunny oasis with lots of interesting things and activities to attract visitors. Bird Isle is an ideal destination for short vacations with family and close friends in this summer.

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