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Vibrant HCMC - Most popular things - Counting sheep on a green hill

Counting sheep on a green hill

If you want to see a beautiful sunflower field flourishing under the sun, or relax on a green hill surrounding by herds of sheep, then welcome to Green Noen!

Located in An Nhon Tay commune, Cu Chi district, near the historical site of Cu Chi tunnel, Green Noen can be found easily. It’s in the northwestern part of the city. To reach the location, you just have to go along National Highway No. 22 (from An Suong bus station towards Cu Chi). After crossing Cu Chi overpass, turn right into Nguyen Thi Ranh street. Go straight for about 10km, then turn right at Nguyen Thi Lanh - Province Highway No. 7 crossroads. Go along Province Highway No. 7 until you see Ben Dinh street. Turn right there, and you can see Green Noen. In case you get lost somewhere in Nguyen Thi Ranh street, don't be panic since local people are incredibly hospitable. They won’t hesitate to show you the way.

The original idea of Green Noen is from Japan and South Korea, where they combine agricultural activities and eco-tourism. The vast area of green fields of Green Noen is separated into different lots. As a tourist, you will be provided with a map. There are also signs that show instructions and direction along the path.

The spacious, calm atmosphere, as well as the beauty of plants,  will help you relax. There is a cow farm where the cows are so meek that they do nothing but looking at you with their big eyes. They really enjoy their lives grazing the grass, and sometimes even pose for some photos with visitors.

You can signup to experience interesting tasks such as feeding or milking them. On a hill, which is not too far away from the farm, there are herds of horses and sheep enjoying themselves on the field. If you thought you could only see such things on the television, then you’re welcome. It will help you forget your daily worries and sadness, for sure.

If you’re a flower-lover, there are gardens of orchid and fields of sunflower, plumeria, sala, bougainvillea, ruellia simplex, garden cosmos, or ten-o’clock rose. Fruit-trees such as passion fruit, guava, pomelo, cherry, peanut are also planted within the areas so that kids can learn about them. Don’t be startled if you see a bat, or some birds, flying by trying to grab a couple of fruits. There are also colorful and beautiful types of butterfly in Green Noen. So, prepare your camera, and your senses as well if you want to take photos to impress your friends.

As an “urban person”, it would be a unique experience for you to pick mushrooms, cross foot-bridges, or go fishing, wouldn’t it? There are plenty of exciting activities that Green Noen can offer you. You can relax, enjoy yourself, feel the beauty of nature while also taking photos to show off to your acquaintances. There cannot be a better deal! Why don’t you try spending a weekend at Green Noen? The price isn’t high, you know!

Notice for your trip: 

Entrance ticket: 50.000VND/person (including sightseeing, mushroom picking, cow milking, and a glass of fresh milk. The goat milk here delicious!).

Horse riding: 50.000VND/round around the goat and sheep farm.

Fishing: 250.000/kg of caught fish (cooking fare included).

Electric car: 250.000VND/round (for eight people to go around the farm).

Story and pictures: Cloud

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