Mobile Phones

With 1.5 mobile phones per person in Vietnam, it’s not surprising that there seems to be a mobile phone shop on every street. Almost all of these shops will have cases, chargers and screen covers for the latest smartphones on the cheap. Remember that almost all of these accessories will be off-brand and might not be of the best quality.
The shops also carry pre-paid SIM cards for local phone carriers – and they will probably be a lot cheaper than what you’re used to at home, so consider switching to a local prepaid number during your stay. For repairs, there are several places in Ho Chi Minh City that specialise in phone repair:
Ho Chi Minh City
Mai Nguyen
27Nguyen Binh Khiem, D1 - 08 3910 1227
215-217 Tran Hung Dao, D1 08 3920 8222
The Gioi Di Dong
130 Tran Quang Khai, D1 - 1800 1060
8D Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D1
136 Nguyen Thai Hoc, D1
189 Cong Quynh, D1
190B Nguyen Thi Dinh, D2
FPT Shop
121 Le Loi, D1 - 08 3914 4873
L1-01, Vincom Center 70-72 Le Thanh Ton, D1
B1-15, Union Square, 171 Dong Khoi, D1
Nguyen Kim Electronics Centre
63-65-67 Tran Hung Dao, D1 08 3821 1211
216Phan Dang Luu, D1 08 6252 3399
Vien Thong A
139 Tran Nao, D2 - 1900 54 5446
121A Nguyen Duy Trinh, D2 - 1900 545446
Future World
234 Tran Hung Dao, D1 - 08 3838 6881
240 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D1 - 08 3930 7673


There are a plethora of shops around the Dong Khoi and Nguyen Hue area of Ho Chi Minh City that sell new and used camera equipment. They are also great spots to look for rare Soviet World War II-era and American War-era flm cameras, but prices tend to be a bit infated. Luckily, shopkeepers are always open for negotiations and you may score a rare bargain. You can also fnd accessories including memory cards, off-brand battery chargers and tripods. If you need to get your Canon or Nikon repaired, we recommend that you use one of the authorised repair centres in Ho Chi Minh City.
Ho Chi Minh City
Authorised Canon repair
10A, Tran Hung Dao, D1 08 3838 9383;
Authorised Nikon repair
VIC Vietnam
139A Pasteur, D3 08 3914 6361
Camcare (General repair)
12 Huynh Thuc Khang, D1 08 3914 2945
Pham The (General repair)
11 Le Cong Kieu, D1 08 3829 5888


Both cities have shops that carry a wide range of computers and accessories. Also, there are plenty of places to get your laptop or tablet fxed. However, fnding one that has English-speaking staff might be a problem. We recommend Phong Vu in Ho Chi Minh City, as it is an electronics superstore with some English-speaking staff.
If you own an Apple product, then go to Futureworld, located in Ho Chi Minh City. All these stores will have accessories galore for you to choose from, but note that the prices might be higher than what you would pay in neighbouring countries.
Ho Chi Minh City
Phong Vu
264A-264B-264C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D3
08 3933 0766
240 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D3 08 3930 7673
3F Unit 19-20A Crescent Mall, D7 08 5413 7316
75 Thao Dien, Thao Dien, D2 1656 581 652   Local insight: Such is the high number of personal devices owned in the country now, that internet cafes where you can use their equipment are very few and far between.


The postal system in Vietnam is fairly reliable, although not overly quick. If you need your package delivered in a hurry, there are several shipping companies to choose from. Don’t seal parcels before taking them to the post offce as you will be required to show the contents to customs before having the package weighed and priced. DHL and FedEx are also available.
If you are planning to receive a package, make sure the shipping company will track the package for the whole journey. Postcards cost around VND15,000 to send overseas – good to know when you want to fre off that quirky propaganda art postcard.
Ho Chi Minh City
Saigon Central Post Offce
2 Cong Xa Paris, D1
7:00am-7:00pm 08 3829 6862
Vietnam Internet, Phones and Post Offce
125 Hai Ba Trung, D1
08 3827 0888 & Fax 08 3 8270 777
DHL International HCMC
6 Thang Long, Tan Binh District
Mon-Fri, 8:00am-6:30pm 08 3844 6203 Fedex HCMC
6 Thang Long, Tan Binh District
Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:00pm 08 3948 0370
Local insight: Whilst the Old Saigon Post Offce is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city it is worth remembering that it is still a working post offce and the best one in town.


Vietnam is the fastest growing internet market in Southeast Asia, with over 50% household saturation of ADSL in urban cities. Cafes, once an aromatic meeting place for Vietnamese, have morphed into internet connection hubs and most will freely give you a login password for the price of a drink. As of print, the government is opening up access to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, internet users in Vietnam sometimes have to suffer snail-paced connection speeds when the underwater cable system crucial to Vietnam’s Internet connectivity is undergoing maintenance.
Local insight: If you are going to spend a few hours in a coffee shop using their WiFi, buy an occasional top- up coffee or snack.  


Vietnam’s network is GSM compatible and will work with most carriers. You can buy a local SIM card and minutes for around VDN100,000. The most popular providers are Mobifone, Viettel and Vinaphone, and their rates are very good compared to many other countries. 3G service is easily available in the metropolitan centres and pre-paid data package rates are cheap and affordable.
The international country code for Vietnam is +84. Listed below are the prefxes for the major destination cities in Vietnam. Dalat 063
Hanoi 04
Hoi An 0510
Mui Ne 062 Danang 0511
Ho Chi Minh City 08
Hue 054
Nha Trang 058 You can pick up a SIM card and/or pre-paid credit at countless shops in both cities, but we have listed offce locations should you need any assistance:

Ho Chi Minh City

80 Nguyen Du, D108 3822 8171
166C-D-E Tran Hung Dao, D108 6655 1205
80 Nguyen Du, D1 08 3827 9680
Local insight: Viettel has better coverage throughout the country and is a better choice if you are heading to more remote areas.

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Ho Chi Minh City Fact Sheet

Geographic coordinates: 10 11N 106 107E
Total area: 2,095.6km2
Coastline: 15km
Time: UTC/GMT + 7 hours
Climate: Rainy season from May to November
Dry season from December to April

Airline Listings in Ho Chi Minh City

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